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Emergence of a Matter-Wave Diffraction Pattern in Real-Time and with Single-Molecule Resolution

This video shows a number of Quantum Dualities in one film, recorded with Phthalocyanine Molecules diffracted at a nanomechanical grating (d=100 nm, s=50 nm) and imaged in laser-induced fluorescence (click here for experimental details).

1. The determinism of Schrödinger's wave equation forms the overall interference fringe pattern. The location of appearance of any particular molecule on the screen, however, is random and quantum mechanically unpredictable

2. We need to assume a delocalized wave nature of matter to explain the appearance of the fringes, but a localized particle nature to understand the appearance of the individual molecules on the screen

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Nature Nanotechnology (DOI:10.1038/nnano.2012.34)