We are engaged in research on

  • Quantum phenomena with bio/molecules & nanoparticles 
  • Quantum decoherence & the limits of quantum linearity
  • Matter-wave technologies: novel beam splitters & interferometer schemes  
  • Quantum-enhanced molecule metrology: assessing electro-magnetic & optical properties
  • Cavity cooling and rotational optomechanics of dielectric nanospheres and nanorods  
  • Molecular beam methods: to prepare, cool & detect neutral biomolecular beams
  • Quantum tools for research and applications in chemistry and biology

 Latest News

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The Arndt Group published a new article on "Tailored photocleavable peptides: fragmentation and neutralization pathways in high vacuum" in Physical...


The Arndt Group published a new article on "Probing Macroscopic Quantum Superpositions with Nanorotors" on arXiv


Magie im Makrokosmos | Oder: Wo endet die Quantenwelt?

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