Summer Internships

We accept a limited number of international and local summer interns, every year and for a period of 2-3 months. Students are expected to have completed at least their 4th semester in physics at the time of the beginning of their internship.

Since the success of such an internship depends on both the capabilities of the candidates and our current scientific challenges, we do not always announce specific tasks but rather consider every application individually. 

  • UNIVIE students can get this internship accredited as Forschungspraktikum (>250 h).
  • International students often get credits at their home university.
  • European students may want to check if they can get support in the Erasmus programme.
  • Financial support for all interns follow the rules of the Vienna Doctoral School in physics.  

All applicants should send their CV, study records and a brief motivation letter directly to


In Summer 2020 our interns are:

Martin Mauser