We have strong partners in
Quantum theory, Synthetic chemistry & biochemistry, Biology, Nanotechnology & Imaging:

  • Prof. Dr. Marcel Mayor & Dr. Valentin Köhler, University of Basel, Switzerland: 
    • Synthesis of tailored molecules and nanoparticles for quantum experiments
  • Prof. Dr. Ori Cheshnovsky, Tel Aviv University, Israel: 
    • Nanofabrication of ultrathin diffraction structures for molecular quantum optics
    • Superresolution imaging of complex molecules
  • Prof. Dr. Fernando Patolsky, Tel Aviv University, Israel:
    • Fabrication of tailored silicon nanoparticles for quantum-optomechanics experiments 
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Hornberger & Dr. Benjamin Stickler, University of Duisburg-Essen:
    • Theory of macromolecular inteferometry: from device desing to decoherence and collapse models,
    • Scattering theory for translational and rotational opto-mechanics and cooling
  • Dr. Michael Trupke, University of Vienna,
    • Microcavities
  • Dr. Birgit Strobl, Veterinarian Medical University