Current Positions of former QNP-members

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Putz, Stefan

2019/09 - 2021/11PostDocResearch Scientist at IQOQI

Kialka, Filip

2018/05 - 2021/09PhD-StudentPostDoc at ENS, Paris
Asenbaum, Peter2008/08 - 2014/10PhD-StudentResearch Scientist at Stanford University
Asenbaum-Dörre, Nadine2009/02 - 2016/10PostDocSystem Design Engineer at KLA
Brand, Christian2013/10 - 2019/12PostDocGroup Leader at Institute of Quantum Technologies, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Deachapunya, Sarayut2003/10 - 2007/11PhD-StudentProfessor at
Burapha University
Drezet, Aurélien2003/01 - 2003/12PostDocResearcher at CNRS, Grenoble
Eibenberger-Arias, Sandra PhD-Student & PostDocGroup Leader at Fritz-Haber-Institut,
Haslinger, Philipp2007/03 - 2014/05PhD-StudentAss. Prof. & Junior Group Leader at TU Wien
Horak, Johannes2012/02 - 2013/02Diploma StudentPhD Student / Research Fellow at
University of Innsbruck
Hornberger, Klaus2002/02 - 2004/06PostDocProfessor
at University of Duisburg-Essen
Kiesewetter, Gregor2004/10 - 2006/06Diploma-StudentResearch Scholar at the International Institute
for Applied Systems Analysis
Mairhofer, Lukas2012/03 - 2018/05PostDocResearcher at MECS Lüneburg
Marksteiner, Markus2006/03 - 2011/04PostDocRobert Bosch AG
Mitrea, Philine Master-StudentAtlassian Consultant at
celix Solutions GmbH
Nimmrichter, Stefan2007/11 - 2013/03PhD-StudentProfessor at University of Siegen
Rodewald, Jonas PhD-StudentPostDoc at Imperial College London
Schmid, Philipp PhD-StudentResearcher at University of Cologne
Wörner, Lisa PostDocResearcher at DLR Institute
of Quantum Technologies