We want you in our team !

  • Are you driven by curiosity and by the ambition to tackle experimental challenges?
  • Are you proud of your study grades?
  • Do you have a background in quantum physics, atomic or molecular beam science or physical chemistry?
  • Do you like to be part of a diverse, interdisciplinary and international team?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, please apply through the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics for

  • VDS spring / summer interns
    for late Bachelor/early master students, at least 2 years of studies completed
  • VDS Master fellowships
    if you have completed all studies and are ready for a 12 month research+writing phase.
  • PhD positions

For Postdoc opportunities, please contact markus.arndt@univie.ac.at.



VDS master fellowships

Matter-wave experiments exploring the internal dynamics of complex molecules

Far-field diffraction of complex hot molecules was pioneered in our labs at the University of Vienna and is now being extended to studies of diverse internal electrical, magnetic and optical properties. Interestingly, while de Broglie waves capture the dynamics of the center of mass motion they are also sensitive to coherent and conservative couplings to internal states.

Photocleavable Tags for Mass Spectrometry and Matter-Wave Interferometry

While mass spectrometry of proteins is ubuiquitous, charge reduction of proteins in high vacuum has been a long-standing challenge, and as of today there are hardly any tools to prepare controlled neutral protein beams. We are tackling this challenge using photocleavable tags.

Superconducting quantum detectors for atomic & molecular beams

Based on the recent EU FET Open project “SuperMaMa” we are pushing the limits of cryogenic quantum detectors for novel applications in molecular science and quantum optics.

Trapping of nanobiological matter

We are exploring methods to launch and trap stable nanobiological matter in high vacuum for applications in cooling, quantum state preparation and quantum sensing. 

Spring/summer internships

Cold Clusters in Deep UV Light Fields for Quantum Interferometry

We are setting up a new beam line for cold metal clusters, aiming at quantum states of particles the mass range up to 1 MDa. This combines the latest advances in cluster science, deep ultra-violet laser physics, mass spectroscopy, matter-wave technologies and quantum optics.

Tools for Protein Interferometry

Our group has pioneered universal interferometry, from atoms over fullerenes and hydrocarbons to vitamins, polypeptides and tailored macromolecules. We are advancing on this path to develop tools for the coherent manipulation of genuine biomolecules in the gas phase, aiming here at quantum interference of proteins.  

Cooling of Non-Spherical Nanoparticles

We are preparing, exploring and utilizing rotational quantum states of trapped dielectric nanorods. This work at the interface between optomechanics and quantum interferometry shall enable new tests of quantum linearity and advanced quantum sensing applications.