Want to join our research team?

  • Bachelor and Master: If you are interested in joining us for a Bachelor or Master thesis, please send a short motivation letter and a review of your study records directly to Markus Arndt
  • PhD students: If you want to join us as a PhD student, please note that we recruit only through the Vienna Doctroal School in Physics (VDS) as well as through the Doctoral Programm in Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS).  Please go to the respective web pages and submit your application there, anytime. Applications form all around the world are accepted. Selection is based on scholarly, scientific and personal achievements.  
  • Postdocs: If you are interested in joining us as a postdoc, please direct your application documents directly to Markus Arndt
  • Internships: We offer a small number of summer internships for UNIVIE-students, to accelerate their studies and bring them up to speed in experimental research.  Selection is based on study records and your personal ambition. You need to have completed at least your 4th semester courses when you join us.