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...of the 21st Century Nanoscience Handbook. A comprehensive review of recent nanoscience.

21st Century Nanoscience –
A Handbook: Nanophysics Sourcebook (Vol. One)

edited by Klaus D. Sattler, CRC Press


QNP contributed to the book with an article about
The de Broglie Wave Nature of Molecules, Clusters and Nanoparticles
by Stefan Gerlich, Stefan Kuhn, Armin Shayeghi and Markus Arndt

For many decades, nanoscience has studied material properties at length scales where quantum effects can dominate mechanical, thermal, optical, magnetic or electronic properties compared to their macroscopic values. Here we focus on the center-of-mass motion, which can also display quantum behavior when particles are sufficiently small and isolated from their environment. The matter-wave nature of complex composite systems can shed light on the foundations of physics while enabling new measurements of internal characteristics of nanoscale systems. ... read more here.


Summary of the Book:
This up-to-date reference is the most comprehensive summary of the field of nanoscience and its applications. It begins with fundamental properties at the nanoscale and then goes well beyond into the practical aspects of the design, synthesis, and use of nanomaterials in various industries. It emphasizes the vast strides made in the field over the past decade – the chapters focus on new, promising directions as well as emerging theoretical and experimental methods. The contents incorporate experimental data and graphs where appropriate, as well as supporting tables and figures with a tutorial approach.

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