Optical Neutralization of Insulin


The "Neutralization of Insulin by Photocleavage in High Vacuum " is published in Chem. Commun.

Charge reduction and neutralization of electro-sprayed peptides is realized by selective gas-phase photocleavage of tailored covalent tags. We demonstrate this here for the first time for a large polypeptide, i.e. insulin. This is an important step towards the controlled neutralization, ionization of proteins, which will be required in novel matter-wave beam splitters and interference detectors for proteins.

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J. Schätti, M. Kriegleder, M. Debiossac, M. Kerschbaum,
P. Geyer, M. Mayor, M. Arndt, V. Köhler
Neutralization of Insulin by Photocleavage in High Vacuum
Chemical Communications 55, 12507-12510 (2019),
DOI: 10.1039/c9cc05712a.