QNP at FOMO 2022


"Frontiers of Matterwave Optics" is the largest biannual matter-wave meeting. This year at ICTP/Triest.

FOMO is a unique place for learning, networking, and presenting.

We are proud to be part of the team with many contributions

  • Markus Arndt as co-director of the meeting, together with Andrea Trombettoni and Angelo Bassi
  • Stefan Gerlich as 4h-Lecturer in the Summer School  
  • Atena Zalbeik-Dormayer as a member of the organizing team
  • Three posters comprising essentially the entire QNP Group presented by 7 members of our team during 4 poster sessions.

The picture shows a still lecture hall and a calm sea. But be not mistaken. The hall will be full, the discussions lively and the sea sometimes rough.

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