We are engaged in research on

  • Quantum phenomena with bio/molecules & nanoparticles 
  • Quantum decoherence & the limits of quantum linearity
  • Matter-wave technologies: novel beam splitters & interferometer schemes  
  • Quantum-enhanced molecule metrology: assessing electro-magnetic & optical properties
  • Cavity cooling and rotational optomechanics of dielectric nanospheres and nanorods  
  • Molecular beam methods: to prepare, cool & detect neutral biomolecular beams
  • Quantum tools for research and applications in chemistry and biology

 Latest News

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...of the 21st Century Nanoscience Handbook 2020!


We have a new paper on "Improved accuracy fullerene polarizability measurements in a long-baseline matter-wave interferometer"!


We congratulate Pietro Vahramian on completing his Master thesis with distinction, following his defensio in Milan.


We have a new paper on "Matter-wave interference of a native polypeptide" on the arXiv


We have a new paper on "A fiber-based beam profiler for high-power laser beams in confined spaces and ultra-high vacuum" on arXiv!


Here we collect questions that we are being asked by journalists, colleagues and the general public. Feel free to add..

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