Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

Exploring the Limits of Universal Quantum Interferometry (ELUQUINT)

ELUQUINT will boost research and technologies in universal high mass interferometry with metals and dielectrics. It will explore new avenues for quantum optics with slow proteins as well as new universal particle sources.

Duration: 12/2021-11/2026

Project Number: 10771 


Superconducting Mass Spectrometry & Molecule Analysis (SuperMaMa)

SuperMaMa is an interdisciplinary research project by the European Commission, developing new technologies in macromolecule detection and mass spectrometry. Integrated superconducting nanowire arrays with advanced cryogenic onboard electronics are being developed by Single Quantum/Delft and EPFL Lausanne, integrated into an advanced mass spectrometer machine developed by MSVISION/Almere and QNP/UNIVIE. New photocleavable tags, developed by the University of Basel, are explored by QNP/UNIVIE for in ultra-fast high power neutralization and ionization of protein beams.  

Duration: 1/2020-6/2023
Project Number: 860713


Multi-Scale Cluster Interference (MUSCLE)

MUSCLE was granted by the FWF on SEpt 2019 and allows the preparation and manipulation of large metal clusters, aiming to push matter-wave interference by another order of magnitude in mass and complexity over the state of the art.

Duration: 10/2019-3/2023
Project Number: 32542-N 


Hierarchical Design of Hybrid Systems 

The Doctoral College Advanced Functional Materials  is a topical college within the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP). Within that structure and the frame work of the FWF school hierarchical design of hybrid systems (HiDHyS), we develop matter-wave interferometry into a tool to measure electrical, optical and dynamical material properties of complex molecules. 

Duration: 10/2020 - 9/2024
Project number: HiDHyS