We are fascinated by these research fields

  • Universal matter-wave interferometry:
    We are working on scalable concepts and universal beam splitters for quantum experiments with atoms, atomic and molecular clusters, tailored organic molecules, native biomolecules and nanoparticles.
  • Quantum physics at the interface to the classical world:
    We explore the mass and complexity limits of matter-wave interference, experimental quantum decoherence and interferometric tests of wave function collapse
  • Cluster physics for matter-wave interferometry:
    We are exploring advanced cluster sources and DUV laser technologies for high-mass interferometry.
  • Quantum measurements for physical chemistry:
    We use matter-wave interference fringes as quantum nanorulers to measure electric, magnetic, optical and structural and dynamic properties of delocalized molecules.
  • Quantum tools for biomolecular physics:
    We have realized matter-wave experiments with vitamins, antibiotics and polypeptides. For that purpose, we have developped ultra-fast biomolecular launch techniques.
  • Optomechanics for high-mass matter-wave interferometry:
    We exploit optical forces to achieve optical cooling of dielectric nanoparticles in high-finesse cavities to enable novel high-mass quantum experiments.
  • Quantum sensors for mass spectrometry:
    We are exploring superconducting nanowire detectors as in advanced mass spectroscopy
  • Single-photon charge control:
    We are exploring new avenues towards biomolecular beams with high control over their charge and motional state for new experiments in protein quantum optics.

 Latest News


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... on receiving the David Bates Prize 2017 of the IOP!