We are fascinated by ...

  • Universal matter-wave interferometry
    • Towards metal cluster interferometry:
      a new material class in quantum physics to probe the interface to the classical world.  
    • From Polypeptide towards Protein interferometry:
      a new material class to study complexity & dynamics of biomolecules in quantum physics.   
  • Cooling and quantum optomechanics 
    • Optical cooling of non-spherical nanoparticles to explore their rotational quantum states.
    • Cooling of nanobiological matter to harvest their internal complexity. 
  • Enabling technologies for quantum experiments
    • Sources of metal clusters, dielectric and biological nanomaterials: for matter-wave interferometry.
    • Single-photon charge control and coherent beam splitting of proteins & metal clusters. 
    • Interfeormeter concepts for complex nanomatter.
  • Quantum sensors
    • Matter-wave deflectometers with high force sensitivity:
      ... to measure electro-magnetic, optical & dynamical properties of molecules of interst to biology and chemistry.
    • Trapped nanorotors: 
      ... to realize highly sensitive torque & rotations sensors on the micron scale.  
    • Superconducting nanowire detectors:
      ... to open new avenues to mass spectrometry, molecule analysis by harvesting the sensitivity of quantum states.

 Latest News


We welcome Hannah Foltas as a new Master intern in our team!


S. Troyer and M. Arndt present at the Heraeus-Seminar on 'Levitated Particles in the Quantum Regime' in Bad Honnef.


Congratulations to Julia Salapa on defending her Master thesis with distinction and she is about to start her PhD at ETH Zurich.


We welcome Lorenz Hummer as a new PhD student in our team!


Congratulations to Lorenz Hummer on defending his Master thesis with distinction.


Giovanbattista Favorito has joined the LUMI team as a summer intern, coming from Rome.